Spinal decompression is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for disc pain radiating from the back and the neck. It is a treatment that aims to ease the pressure that is applied on one’s vertebrae and the spinal nerves that are close to it. Pain, the loss of sensory and motor functions, and overactive reflexes may result from great amounts of pressure applied on your spine.

When dealing with spinal compression, people can opt for two types of  Spinal Decompression Treatements. One is that they can undergo spinal decompression therapy—which is the spinal decompression discussed in this article. And the second option is that they can undergo spinal decompression surgery. More traditional people could resort to chiropractic treatment services. Of the three, spine decompression therapy is most preferred as there is no risk factor involved and because it is the most cost-effective.

Spine decompression therapy is proven to deliver great results to patients. It is FDA approved and people have considered this to be a great alternative for surgery and other chiropractic treatment services. It doesn’t involve any needles whatsoever. You would not even have to unclothe yourself for the therapy. One session wouldn’t take much of your time and you could go home feeling relieved and much better.

Spine decompression therapy works through a process that would involve the strapping down of the patient into a decompression table. The decompression table basically does all the work. It would begin to move and apply a distraction force to the compressed disc. The force that is applied on to the compressed disc is being controlled and monitored by a computer. The force is set to be applied between some periods of relaxation.

What basically happens during the spinal decompression process is that your spine is being gently pulled apart and elongated. This process would help the discs get back into shape as the vacuum created by the elongation of the spine pulls the discs in place.

For you to be able to enjoy its full effects and benefits, you would have to go through many sessions of spinal decompression therapy. The effects after each session are small, but they will gradually build up over time.

And you would begin to notice great changes in the feeling of your back. Your discs would reshape themselves and heal over time.