It’s a bright sunny day in Kankakee, Illinois and you’re enjoying a friendly beach volleyball match with your friends. All of the sudden, you feel that everything around you is moving and you find it really hard to maintain your balance. You’ve just been hit by a vertigo attack.

Vertigo attacks are common. Vertigo may attack you with the sudden feeling that you or your surrounding environment is moving. Vertigo is much more complicated and complex compared to a normal dizzy spell. Unlike these dizzy spells, vertigo can actually give you the illusion of movement. That is why even if everything is completely still you feel that you or your surroundings are moving.

When you feel that you yourself are moving, you’ve fallen victim to subjective vertigo. On the other hand, when you feel that your surroundings are moving, you’re experiencing objective vertigo.

Vertigo can be annoying and at times it can even be dangerous. For one to be able to know for sure if he is experiencing vertigo, it is important to understand the symptoms that come with it.


First off, it should be made clear that the symptoms of vertigo should not be confused with any of the symptoms of lightheadedness, fainting, and motion sickness. Motion sickness is most thought to be similar to vertigo but it differs in a sense that motion sickness is a feeling of being out of balance because of repeated motions like riding a car or boat.

You know you have vertigo when you have the following symptoms:

  • Sensation of disorientation or motion.
  • Nausea.
  • Sweating.
  • Abnormal eye movements.
  • Potential hearing loss and ringing sensation in ears.
  • Potential visual disturbances and weaknesses.
  • Potential experience of speaking and walking difficulty.

These symptoms can be felt from minutes to hours. They can be constant or periodic and can be triggered by any movement or change in position.

When you go and see a Kankakee chiropractor to have your vertigo checked, it would be wise to tell him all the symptoms that you have observed. It would also be a good idea that when you go to any wellness clinics or chiropractic treatment centers and avail of their treatments, you should inform your doctor about any recent head trauma or any new medications you are taking.

Knowing the vertigo attacks symptoms will not only help you prepare for the attack itself, it can also help your doctor diagnose and treat you better.